Universal Remotes2While chargers might be the most annoying item that multiplies in our homes (due to the mess or chords), the remote control is a close second! We recently wrote about how a universal remote can handle everything for your home theater, but that remote will probably stay close to the TV. What else can single universal remote handle in your home automation system.

Ceiling fans: The average vaulted ceiling with a ceiling fan all but requires a remote control so that you can control light settings as well as fan speeds. We can get you set up so that your current ceiling fan remote can disappear.

Blinds: Powered blinds are great when the blinds are out of reach or if…we’ll, just because you want powered blinds! They’re also great if you want to have the blinds closing accompany another action, such as the home theater starting up. You can set the old blind remote aside when we set up your new universal remote.

Sound Systems: One great thing about universal remotes is with home audio installation, allowing you to control you music from anywhere in the house so you can decide which speakers in which rooms are playing. This way you can hear the music from your living room stereo in your bedroom without bothering anyone else. Another great option is that you can carry the remote around with you or have multiple universal remotes so that your music can be accessed from anywhere.

Lights: One of the most popular uses of universal remotes is to control lighting. With just the touch of a button, you can dim the lights in a home theater (and turn all of the equipment on at the same time.) You can also set the mood for a dinner party with the click of of a button. You can also move things along during the night…press a button and the dining room lights can dim and the game room lights can turn on, ushering guest to the parts of the house you’d like them to move to.

Outside Lights: Outside light are another popular request when people get their universal remotes. You can turn on your patio lights to see if someone is out there, or to tell your guests that you’re perfectly welcome to head out to the garden. There’s no need to explain where the lightswitch is when you can take care of it yourself.

The Thermostat: Why get out from under your couch blanket or get out of bed just to turn up the heat? Why head back down to the main floor to change the thermostat when you’re already undressed for the shower? With a universal remote, you can control your heating and cooling from anywhere in the home.

Again, we can do all of this with one remote so that you’re not constantly juggling remotes and wondering where the tiny one is. When you’re ready to go beyond using a remote control for your home theater setup, let us know and we can get your entire house under one remote!