1. Universal Remotes for Every Part of Your Home Automation System

      While chargers might be the most annoying item that multiplies in our homes (due to the mess or chords), the remote control is a close second! We recently wrote about how a universal remote can handle everything for your home theater, but that remote will probably stay close to the TV. What else can single universal remote handle in your home automation system. Ceiling fans: The average vaulted…Read More

  2. Don’t Forget About the Universal Remote With Your Home Theater Installation

      So you’ve had us take care of your home theater installation...good job! You now have a home theater that will give you untold hours of pleasure for years to come. But you’ve now got a huge new TV (or projector), Blu-ray, Apple TV, Roku, Receiver...how do you control it all? And if you do, why delay the movie while you find each remote and press power on every one, then press “input” on…Read More