MC_icon logoWhen people think of hidden cameras, the most common thing that springs to mind is something like Candid Camera or What Would You Do? where people don’t know they’re being filmed. For Candid Camera it was for comedic effect, and What Would You Do? it was all about finding out if standers-by would help someone in a tough spot.

If the most high-profile hidden cameras are on TV programs, the greatest number of hidden cameras today are used in the home. There are three specific reasons that people tend to have them installed.

To Keep An Eye On The Situation

There’s a reason that many daycare centers have a live-streaming surveillance system feed: we want to see that our kids are okay and are being treated well. When it comes to hidden cameras in the home, it’s a good idea to check up on the situation from time to time.

Catching Someone Doing Something Wrong

We all want to trust every person we allow in our homes. But sometimes that trust is questioned, and all too often it’s with good reason. Is the housekeeper the one who’s been taking money from the drawer? Is your son or daughter sneaking something from the liquor cabinet? Or is it the other way around!? If you’re suspicious, there’s probably a reason. Find out with hidden camera installation and home surveillance.

Backup system

This third reason is the one that not enough people think about. If you have a security system on the outside of your home, it could become a target for someone trying to break in. If they’re able to disable the outside system, they’ll let their guard down and take off any masks once they get inside. At that point a hidden camera can get their face on camera and you can turn the footage over to the police.

Are you ready to find out what’s really going on in your home? You’ll be able to with imperceptible hidden cameras. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.