Pre Wiring New ConstructionOne of the biggest mistakes that people make is not pre-wiring their new construction with enough connections. In some ways we understand; until recently, most modern homes needed no hidden wires beyond electricity and phone. Now there’s so much more wiring beyond phone and electric, including home theater wiring, cable television / modem, security cameras, and ethernet. (We can put systems in place that can future-proof your house for wires that haven’t even been invented yet!) So what problems does planned house wiring prevent?

Save Your Roof and Outside Walls: It’s important to think ahead if you plan to install a security system. If you don’t, you’re going to need to have someone come and drill holes in your roof and / or exterior walls. It’s going to cause a mess and cost you a pretty penny. And as you probably know, whenever you put a new hole in our house it’s more likely to leak than a preplanned hole is. Wouldn’t it be nice to simply take care of that with preplanned wiring?

Prevent Wall Busting: Because of the great deal of wires, home theaters cause the greatest grief when it comes to wiring. Many people fail to plan for wiring even if they have every intention of turning their basement into a home theater, and then they have to have the drywall torn out, the wiring installed, and the wall replaced. Putting a little thought into your space now (and even telling us about the components you hope to install) can help us prepare for your home theater installation.

Prevents Ugliness: The worst thing that can happen is if you don’t plan your house wiring and you choose not to go the retrofitted routes mentioned above. Some people build a new home but then have ugly speaker cables running up their walls, or have their cable cord running across the kitchen counter to their under-cabinet television. Let us help you pre-plan so that your house stays in order.

A little bit of forethought now can save you a lot of hassle later. Give McCray communications a call and we’ll make sure you’re set for all your wiring needs.