home-theater-cta1Over the years we’ve all heard a lot of speakers. And in too many cases, we’ve merely put up with the speakers. There’s the horrible speaker on your cell phone, the tinny speakers that you might have on your desktop, the overly boomy speakers on the aptly-named boombox that you take to the beach.

But when it comes to home audio installation, especially in your home theater, you know that it’s not the time to go cheap on your speakers. If you having professional installation done, you want to make sure that you get the speakers that you’ll enjoy the most. Here are a few things to think about when you’re having speaker installation performed.

How Many Do You Need?

When you go to a movie theater, you probably look around and marvel at the number of speakers that they have. It’s important to remember that not every speaker you see is receiving a discrete signal. The most speakers that would be necessary in a modern home theater system is 12, but that is overkill for the size of most home theater rooms. The right home audio installation expert can advise you on how many you’ll need.

Double Base

You’ve probably heard of 5.1 surround sound. The “.1” means the subwoofer. So in the 10.2 system mentioned, that means that there are two subwoofers. Interestingly enough, the human ear cannot discern the direction of most sounds coming from a subwoofer, so it’s not so much about direction as it is making sure that you have enough sub for the size of your room.

Easy On the Ears

If you’ve even been watching a movie at a friend’s house and gone home with a headache, it might not have been the loudness of the sound that hurt your head: it might have been the quality of the sound. The right speakers will be easy on the ears so that you can listen all day long and not get tired. This is true of both home theater speakers and multi-room installation throughout the house.

Make sure you get the right home theater system by getting the right speaker installation. Contact McCray Communications to find out what we can demo for you.