1. 3 Reasons To Keep An Eye On Things With A Security Camera System For Your Business

    When it comes to home security systems, the reasons to get them are obvious. After all, home surveillance systems are protecting family. But what about security for your business? You’re not protecting your family when it comes to installing a security camera system in your business, but it’s still a good idea to keep an eye on things. So what will these “eye in the sky” devices help with?…Read More

  2. The Advantage of a Wired Security Camera System For Your Home or Business

    In our last blog we wrote about the advantage that a wireless security camera system can offer you, whether you’re trying to protect your home or your business. There are certainly advantages to wireless cameras, but there’s no doubt that a wired security camera can be better in some situations. What advantages can wired video surveillance offer? Better Signal As much as we love our cell phone…Read More

  3. Advantages and Disadvantages of Wireless Security Cameras

    People have gotten accustomed to everything being wireless: phones, internet connections, speakers. So naturally people are interested in knowing about wireless security cameras. Are they less reliable than their wired counterparts, or more so? Let’s take a look at some of the advantages you can get from a wireless security setup, as well as a few of the drawbacks that might make you decide on a…Read More

  4. Why Are People So Interested In Hidden Cameras?

      When people think of hidden cameras, the most common thing that springs to mind is something like Candid Camera or What Would You Do? where people don’t know they’re being filmed. For Candid Camera it was for comedic effect, and What Would You Do? it was all about finding out if standers-by would help someone in a tough spot. If the most high-profile hidden cameras are on TV programs, the g…Read More

  5. 4 Ways That Security Cameras Systems Are Better Than Ever

      We’ve mentioned before how security camera systems have gotten so much better over the years. And it’s a good thing they have, because now anyone can afford to protect his or her home and family with a home security system. So, what advantages does your modern surveillance system have over something from, say, a late-1970’s bank security camera? Storage There’s probably no bigger change…Read More

  6. Reasons to Double Down On Hidden Cameras and CCTV

      At McCray Communications, we can install some amazing security cameras, whether you need them at your business or your home. But should you go with one or the other? Here's something to thing about. CCTV Cameras: Closed circuit television systems have been around for decades as a way for security personnel to monitor many areas at once. Of course, they used to cost tens of thousands of dollars …Read More

  7. 4 Ways a Professionally Installed Surveillance System Helps Your Home

      At McCray Communications, we’re ready to make your home safer. That starts with a surveillance system that delivers many ways of keeping your home and valuables safe. It Takes The Target Off Your Home: The greatest deterrent to a thief is a surveillance system. Despite what Hollywood might tell you, thieves aren’t looking for homes with advanced CCTV’s and home security surveillance syste…Read More